– We are TIGER FOX Presents

A group of creative and passionate people curating unique and immersive music and dance events - primarily in San Diego, CA and Portland, OR! TIGER FOX is dedicated to fine tuning the details, and bringing the best performers, sound, lighting, visuals, and more!

-We believe that there is a little TIGER FOX in us all-

The TIGER – Bold, beautiful, intuitive, and proud. The FOX - charming, mischievous, friendly, and full of laughter. TFP Founder, Ron Enright, has always resonated with these two animals - reminding himself to always stand tall and be strong, but to never take life too seriously or forget to have fun and laugh whenever possible.

Ron Enright started producing events in back in 1996 starting out in underground
warehouses and eventually evolving into booking US and international headlining tours! The company was called Direct Productions based out of Portland Oregon and booked these artists primarily in the NW; some with multiple dates, cities, and venues. Direct Productions held events in venues of all capacities – from small halls, to theaters, to large arenas!

Some of Ron’s most memorable events are Gil Scott Heron (3 performances), Outkast with Black Eyed Peas, The Roots, Hieroglyphics, Living Legends, Xzibit, Latyrx, Eminem, 50 cent, Goodie Mob, The Wailers, Beenie Man, and Michael Franti.

In the past, events were primarily focused on hip hop and reggae, but moving forward
with the constant evolution of music, we at TFP are expanding our horizons to incorporate electronic genres in a BIG WAY – bass music, trap, drum n bass, house, techno and more!

TIGER FOX has a mission to book performers from different avenues. We love supporting those big names, as well as up-and-coming artists that make music we love, and know you’ll love too!

Our events are catered to lovers of music, art, dance, and community! Whether you’re a frequent festivalgoer, art enthusiast, bass aficionado, dance floor extraordinaire, music fanatic, or a dedicated scene supporter – There is a place for you at every TFP event! We encourage and embrace creativity and uniqueness!

That being said –

Any level of animosity, prejudice, racism, or abuse of any kind will NOT be tolerated at any of our events. We believe in CONSENT, RESPECT, and EQUALITY, and all our events are a judgment-free and safe zone for ALL races and/or preferences!

When attending a TFP event, you can rest assured that you’ll feel welcome, safe, secure, and comfortable. We make certain that everyone staffing our events is on our same level and mindset – to bring you a special and memorable event experience while providing top notch safety and accommodation.

Community is a huge value for TFP. Not only do we want to create amazing and memorable events, but one of our primary intentions is to give back to our community however we are able to do so. We are diligent in confirming that those we work with hold the same important values. We continuously look for creative ways to generate donation funds for community and non-profit organizations, and we also work exclusively with Humanitix - a ticketing company that donates their profits to charity. We strive to make the world a better place in any way we can.

For the people here at TIGER FOX Presents,

music is our heart and our passion. It moves us in so many ways.

We believe that music is one of the best ways to find your tribe and to celebrate this incredible thing we call life. Our favorite thing about hosting events is looking around to see smiling faces and people dancing without a care. We truly believe that music, movement, and connection is some of the best medicine for your soul.

We are so excited to share what’s in store for TFP, including a new Portland venue that is opening soon! Be sure to subscribe to TIGER FOX: Tuned In and follow our socials to stay updated on upcoming events in your area, and to stay connected with the TFP community.

See you soon on a dance floor near you!