December 8, 2023
December 9, 2023
The Den
Portland OR.
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12•09•23 • THE DEN • 116 SE Yamhill Street • 21+ w/ ID


The Den x Sublimate x Tiger Fox Presents


Portland, Oregon! We're in for a BIG TREAT with this one. Prepare for an evening of some of the finest bass music the world has to offer. Let's Go!

•THE MUSIC•  on the L-Acoustics sound system!

⫷ PAV4N ⫸  (Foreign Beggars / 4NC¥)

⫷ HYPHO ⫸  (Manuka Records / Deep Dark & Dangerous)

with support from

⫷ POP THA TRUNK ⫸  (ALL:LO / Sublimate)

⫷ LORD MORRIS ⫸ (Sublimate)

⫷ GOODWILL ⫸  (Vibe Check / Sublimate / Beat Lab Radio)



The founding member & MC of the groundbreaking group Foreign Beggars, PAV4N, launched his solo project in early 2020 and has burst onto the scene with a slew of seminal releases spanning a multitude of genres and hitting all corners of the underground.

The project is a deep and visceral exploration into the merger of Underground Music, Cultural Identity, Art, Fashion, Cinema & Live performance through Hip Hop, Grime, 140 Dubstep & Drum & Bass.

Beyond his work as a rapper and performer, PAV4N has made it his mission to elevate artists and musicians from all over the world through his labels 4NC¥ & //DarkMode, while bringing and creating influential, cutting edge movements to the forefront of the electronic music landscape.

Since the project’s inception only three years ago, he has collaborated with heavy hitters such as Tommy Lee, Ganja White Knight, Ternion Sound, Sukh Knight, Kromestar, Visages, Strategy, Monty, Slushii, Hypho, Teddy Kllerz, Benny L, Muzz, Wraz, Hugh Hardie, Manga, Hyroglifics and many more.

Pavan has already made his mark, with releases on a wide variety of labels, including 1985 Music, DDD, Audio Porn, Westwood Music, Monstercat, Dim Mak, Soulvent, Overview Music, Artikal Music, UKF/Pilot Records, A Records, NightMode, SubCarbon, Chinese Man Records, Unchained Recordings, Better Noise Music and his own imprints 4NC¥ & //DarkMode.


Hailing from Manchester, England producer and DJ Louis Richardson, known by his alias Hypho, is at the forefront of a new generation of UK artists. Through his versatile DJ sets ranging from 100-160 BPM, and his own productions; combining elements of dubstep, techno, garage, and the like, Hypho has created an undeniable signature sound.

In 2019, Hypho founded his own label Manuka Records, with the goal of showcasing new talent from across Europe and the USA. With a catalog of releases featuring artists such as Ternion Sound, Sukh Knight, Chef Boyarbeatz, and more, Manuka aims to showcase different music and styles from artists that they might not release elsewhere, thus exposing its audience to these fresh sounds.

Hypho’s own music has found homes on prestigious imprints such as Deep, Dark & Dangerous, Swamp81, and EC2A, among countless others, only further showcasing his versatility as a producer. As his reputation has grown, it is no surprise that Hypho has toured extensively around the world, performing in clubs and festivals in Europe, the Americas, and Asia.

Going into the future the Hypho project has no plans of slowing down as he looks to expand his craft, and bring the world the sounds of the Hypho.

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❤We believe in CONSENT, RESPECT, & EQUALITY! All of our events are a judgment-free, hate-free, & a safe zone for ALL races and/or preferences! We have ZERO tolerance for any level of racism, sexism, homophobia, transphobia, misogyny, or any other form of hate/abuse. Anyone exhibiting these types of behaviors will be asked to leave, and not welcomed back. If you see something, say something - tell a staff member nearby and we'll be sure to act on it promptly.

12•09•23 • THE DEN • 116 SE Yamhill Street • 21+ w/ ID